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    DUONG, the professional factory of Mouse Glue Trap, was founded in Taiwan in 1990. The production and commercialization are in charge by Mr. A. T. Lee who is the original founder and under the effort of all the working staff. DUONG is making all efforts to export and sale abroad Mouse Glue Trap and relative products into the markets of everywhere in the world. Basing on the strict quality control and continue to research all kinds of varied Mouse Glue Trap, the complete acceptance of orders, the production, the commercialization service labor. Nowadays, we are quite famous in this area. DUONG are the leader trademark of the Mouse Glue Trap's market and now a lot of large-scale shopping malls..
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    Company Introduction Anhow Co. Ltd. was established in Nantou County, Taiwan, 2003. Our main products are iron tube furniture, such as metal bed sets, bed rails, electric hospital beds, wardrobe racks, Barcelona style chairs, plastic folding tables, mousetraps, flytraps and oth..

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