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    Company Introduction Anhow Co. Ltd. was established in Nantou County, Taiwan, 2003. Our main products are iron tube furniture, such as metal bed sets, bed rails, electric hospital beds, wardrobe racks, Barcelona style chairs, plastic folding tables, mousetraps, flytraps and other products. Japan and Taiwan are our target markets. Our factory possesses about 3000 square meter with welding, coating and packaging equipment. We provide best quality, competitive price as well as best service for our customers. We welcome companies from all over the world to call or send pictures that you desire to produce. 安好興業有限会社は2003年に台湾の南投県に成立しました。主に鉄パイプ家具製品を生産しており、生産種類としては金属ベッドセット、ベッド用ガード、電動の医療ベッド、..
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