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    Company Introduction Manufacturer of beauty & cosmetics products, including mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, eye shadows and body glitters supplied worldwide since 1981. The customers' designs and OEM/ODM orders are welcome. Certificated of ISO 9001. Main Products beauty & cosmetic ( make up) products- blushes, body glitters, cream containers, eyeliner gloss, eyeshadow ( eye shadow), gift boxes, hair mascara, lip balm ( lipbalm ), lipsticks, liquid foundation, nail polish, two way cakes, cosmetic and make up packaging, lip pencils, cosmetic pack, lip gloss, two way cake powder, plastic & bottle container, cosmetic & make up box, make up container, make up case, make up t..
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    Company Introduction Circle Decorative Material Co., Ltd. was established in1996. Due to the market needs, these two companies emerged and renamed as Circle Decorative Material Co., LTD in 2005. The company specializes in custom printing and gilded wrapping ribbons, brand label..
    Company Introduction Manufacturer of beauty & cosmetic products, including eye shadow, blushers, loose & compact powders, liquid foundation, eyeliners, lipsticks, mascaras, skin care products, etc. OEM orders are accepted. Main Products beauty & cosmetic ( make..

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