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    Company Introduction Circle Decorative Material Co., Ltd. was established in1996. Due to the market needs, these two companies emerged and renamed as Circle Decorative Material Co., LTD in 2005. The company specializes in custom printing and gilded wrapping ribbons, brand label printing, Christmas decoration ribbons, printing ink and glitter powder halftone printing ribbons, and heat transfer printing and gilded ribbons, Christmas decorations, Chinese fortune sachets, wedding candy bags, floral materials, shells, etc. Our company is equipped with fully automatic CNC continuous rolling ribbon halftone printing machines, ribbon stamping machines, ribbon cutters, ribbon overlock machines, hig..
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    Company Introduction Great Go Cycles Inc. is a leading bicycle parts and accessories company and we manufacturer of bicycle carbon fiber composites, parts & accessories with over 20 years experience, including carbon frames, forks, seat posts, stem, handle bars, cranks, sea..
    Company Introduction Min An Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing industrial rubber gloves & overshoes in central Taiwan for over 30 years. Latex raw materials are come from our own rubber plantation & processing plant in Rayong, Thailand. We also make pr..

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