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    Company Introduction Manufacturer of amusement machine for family entertainment center. Main Products feiloli- electric game machine, electric game mother board, slot machine, electronic coin machine, TV game, PC game, video game, motor, casino, euroslot, amusement machine, amusement magazine, arcade, bonus bingo, happy ball, amuse world, crane machine, catcher, inter game, slam dunk, bang, catcher slam dunk, bang, sweep It, enada.
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    Company Introduction Funway Electronics Co., Ltd., Established in 1997, is socializing in various kinds of electronic entertainment game machinery, such as crane machine, {KW}, claw machines, basketball machines, pinball machines, slot machines, sport game machines, amusement g..
    Company Introduction Wee Chin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. We specialize in the production of cabinets and other hardware related to amusement and gaming industry. With our professional, skilled, and courteous development team, we are able to provide pr..

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